Representative 1192% APR APR:
Representative Example: 250 borrowed for 3 months. Total amount repayable is 411.63 in 3 monthly instalments of 137.21. Interest charged is 161.63, annual interest rate of 292% (fixed).

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Long Term Loans 4 UK helps borrowers to locate the right installment loans, in the most convenient way. Our process is very customer friendly, informing you of the next steps as you progress through your application. Customer convenience is central to everything and anything that we do. We work as a credit broker, with over 40 lenders on our panel, which means that its likely that we have the right loan for you if you meet the application criteria. We believe in treating customers fairly so we offer our loans finder service for 3 month cash loans, free of charge. Our service provides short-term installment loans and loans over other periods to people for all sorts of emergency reasons. Weve all been in a situation where we have miscalculated the amount of money that we need to get through a month because of an unexpected expense cropping up out of the blue. All you need to do to apply for loan is to meet the following eligibility criteria.

You should be a minimum of 18 years of age

You should have a valid bank account with debit card

You should be employed and earn a minimum of 1000 net per month

You should be a UK resident

Long term instalment loans are the most popular repayment period but lenders may offer you a loan over a different time period to suit your needs. You will be provided with the full terms and conditions of any loan offer that you are made so you understand exactly what you are agreeing to. Payday loans can be offered over 1 month or installment loans can be over 3 6, 9, 12 or 18 months.

All of the above loan types are available from lenders on our panel. When you make an application, you will receive a decision on your screen within minutes. You can apply from any type of device, whether you are at home, at work or on the move. These are some useful things you need to know about our service:

Consumer convenience is central to our business so we work with a large number of reputable lenders in the UK. Our processes ensure that your personal circumstances are matched with a lender that is in the best position to help you. We aim to make our service as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Any eligible person can apply online through and we will look to process your application as quickly as possible. This way, you do not need to visit our offices to get your loan processed.

No Hidden Fees:- We do not charge any fees for customers to use our loans finder service, the only interest or fees you will ever pay will be between you and your lender if you decide to go ahead and accept their loan offer. You must always make sure that you read the Terms and Conditions of your loan offer before you accept it because you will be bound by those until you have paid back the sum that you owe.

Solution for your Short-Term Monetary Crisis: Applying for a3 month loans can really ease your stress when you thought you had nowhere else to turn. You can look to make ends meet if you use our service to search a good portion of the lenders in the market for a loan in the event of financial crisis. Borrowers can arrange cash for the timely payment of overdue bills, medical bills, washing machine, car repair costs and other unseen expenses.